Insulated Metal Panels - Canada

Cool Roofs®

Cool Roofs Sm Kingspan's innovative wall systems offer high-performance, sustainable roof finishes. This includes the solar reflective Cool Roof® rated options which can lessen peak cooling energy demand by up to 15%. Cool Roof® rated solutions are code-compliant and satisfy green building programs. When applied, these finishes may contribute to multiple LEED® credits.

Cool Roof® coatings are intended to decrease heat islands (thermal gradient differences between developed and undeveloped areas), which in turn minimizes impact on microclimates, as well as human and wildlife habitats.

As required by LEED® credit 7.2, Sustainable Sites - Heat Island Effect - Roof, Kingspan's roof systems cool color palettes are LEED® compliant, specifying highly reflective and high-emissivity roofing (emissivity of at least 0.9 when tested in accordance with ASTM E408) for a minimum of 75% of the roof's surface.