Insulated Metal Panels - Canada

LEED® Credits

Kingspan's insulated metal panels contribute to the USGBC LEED® 3.0 program. Click here to download Kingspan's LEED® statement for project submittals.


LEED Credit SS 7.2- Heat Island Effect-Roof
Kingspan uses paints from Valspar® Cool Color Pallet. Thirty-two of Valspar's colors meet LEED standards for steep slope roofs, while three colors meet low slope requirements.

LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1, 2 and 3
Kingspan's insulated panels contribute to all required energy efficiency prerequisites and minimum energy requirements as well as optimized energy efficiency. Our concept of Envelope First™ designs to optimize the energy efficiency of the building envelope and can effectively reduce the air infiltration rate of typical wall assemblies by 45%.

LEED Credit EA 1- Optimize Energy Performance
Kingspan's insulated panels, in a given whole building design, and depending on climate zone, contribute to LEED EA points singularly. Combined with the ECM (Energy Conversation Measures), Kingspan's insulated panels can exceed LEED's 48% benchmark.

LEED Credit EA 2 Onsite Renewable Energy
To get to the net-zero energy goal set for 2025, renewable energy will be required. Kingspan's PV PowerPanel will meet this need.

LEED Credit MRc4.1 & 4.2-Recycled Content (1 or 2 Points)
Assembly Components: Weight (lbs / sq.ft.) % PC % PI Steel Facings 2.475 25% 15% Polyisocyanurate Core 0.525 0% 0% Totals: 3.00 25% 15% o Assembly Recycled Content = (Component Wt. x Recycled Content / Total Wt.) x 100 %) o Percentages are based on 1 sq.ft. of material at a weight of 3 lbs

LEED Credit IEQ 4.1- Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants
Kingspan Insulated Panels uses Tremco JS-773 containing a VOC content of 151g/L. This satisfies credit IEQ Credit 4.1 as per the Architectural standard of 250g/L.

LEED Credit IEQ 4.2- Low-Emitting Materials-Paints and Coatings
All metal is pre-coated before it is received to Kingspan Insulated Panels.

LEED Credit ID 1: Innovation in Design
Using Kingspan's Envelope First™ approach, buildings have the potential to go above and beyond the criteria set by LEED for energy efficiency. Envelope First strategies can also help contribute towards net-zero energy buildings which will be required by 2025 per the U.S. Department of Energy.

Hillsborough CC

Hillsborough Community College (Ruskin, FL) LEED-NC 2.2 Gold