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Path to NetZero™

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Discover the future of building design and innovation, Net-Zero energy. Net-Zero buildings do not use any more energy over the course of a year than they produce. One way buildings can help meet their energy requirements is by using low-cost, local, non-polluting, renewable resources. Other methods include efficient envelopes with increased insulation and high performing utilities such as heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation.

Kingspan is fully invested in the Net-Zero energy movement, as we are committed to have all of our facilities operating at a Net-Zero capacity by 2020. And to help others also achieve this status, Kingspan’s insulated wall and roof panels can help reduce a building’s energy use by as much as a 30%. This reduction provides a great start toward the development of practical Net-Zero energy buildings.

Visit our Path to NetZero website for more information and to download our free app.